Why should students opt for NIOS

“What do you need to know about NIOS? What’s it all about? Is it worth the time and effort?”    “Are they better than the traditional Indian Boarding Schools?” These are some of the questions that have been on people’s minds for a while now. The National Institute of Open Schooling is an Indian government-owned distance education system, which offers courses at the school or college level. It provides opportunities for students who cannot attend regular schools because of geographical reasons and other personal reasons like poverty, disability, etc. Read this blog post to find out more!

The main reason for many students to opt for NIOS is that it provides the flexibility of time, e.g., the student can continue working after completing their 10th standard and attend classes in the day or in the evening.

The small batches with a very conducive atmosphere in the class provide an opportunity to ask questions at any moment without any hesitation. Another significant benefit is that you will get your grades on time, unlike CBSE which takes around 2-3 months to declare results!

In addition, here at NIOS, there is no need to prepare supplementary exam papers as studying course material from DSA (in case of secondary) or from NIOS Plus+ (in case of senior secondary) is enough to pass the additional subjects when enrolled in the supplementary exams. NIOS offers life-long learning in India.

At NIOS, there are many courses to study after 10th grade which is not possible at CBSE. The choice of subjects offered by both boards is also different, e.g., whereas students can opt for an Ethical hacking course under NIOS, it is not available under CBSE.

Moreover, you do not need to appear for an entrance exam for admission into a college unlike when taking admission in colleges/universities through board examinations like CBSE and ICSE where you must pass class 12 with good marks in order to get an admit card or secure a seat! Thus NIOS helps students to pursue higher education without interruption.

NIOS provides a wide range of courses to the students. The popularity of NIOS has increased manifolds due to its ease of study and affordable fee structure. It not only enables the student to build their career but also provides them the flexibility to complete the course according to their convenience. Nios essay writing at affordable rates can also be availed by the students who are looking for good quality work within a limited time period.

Following are some benefits that make Nios more popular among students:

  1. NIOS is famous for providing quality higher education through the open course system (OCS). The Open Course system ensures that there will be no problem if you miss any lecture or exam because, during that particular session, no lectures or exams would be missed.
  2. The open course system also ensures that students can complete the theory courses much before the practical classes even if they are working. This way, you don’t have to waste time attending lectures and preparing for exams right from scratch.
  3. The NIOS’ open course system is very flexible; it allows students to complete their studies according to their convenience. You can complete your study at your own pace, even if you fall short of one or two lessons during a certain month, no need to worry! You can always make them up by taking extra lessons. It will help you in covering all the syllabus within 6 months from the date of enrollment.
  4. There are not many academic institutions that provide a better learning environment than NIOS. It offers the most amazing online courses. It offers its students modern facilities including long recording of lectures, online examinations, certificates on time, doubt clarification services, and many more.
  5. NIOS is one of the most affordable institutes for distance learning in India. Its fees are really very low when compared to other universities which offer a distance education system. So it’s not at all difficult to pay your tuition fee without any financial crisis!!
  6. Having said so much about the merits of NIOS’ open course system you may be longing to know more about this institute. Read on further to get yourself familiar with details like eligibility criteria, exam pattern, etc regarding its various courses!

As you can see, there are many benefits to opting for NIOS online classes. Of course, this is just a shortlist of the advantages that come with using NIOS as opposed to traditional classrooms or online courses. If you want more information about how Learning Potato’s services work and what they offer, contact us today!

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