Coding for Kids

The 21st Century is a technology-driven & dependent world. Rapidly & surely, we are undergoing a revolution from manual to automated work. Want to buy groceries, transfer money, learn, or book a cab? There’s an app & website for that! With such facilities available at the touch of our finger, it’s no wonder that Computer Programming has become a basic subject like math or science today.

The importance of Coding

It has been predicted that most of the future jobs will need coding in some form. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science are hot topics of our times. Many exciting projects are coming up in these fields, including cryptocurrency & autonomous driving. In order to get a firm footing in these job fields & others, it is of utmost importance to have spot-on basics. This course will give the individual the solid foundation necessary to establish him/herself as an expert in their field.

Who can learn this course?

Students who wish to score high in Programming subjects
Individuals who want to learn coding for improving their job prospects
Professionals wanting to inculcate coding for their projects
Basically anyone who is interested in coding! Also we have home tutor for sanskrit

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Benefits of learning to code

  • Like Maths & Science, Computer Programming will be taught in all schools as a fundamental subject
  • Provides a solid foundation for a future job, keeping in mind the shift towards technology in all the sectors
  • Great way of adding a skillset of paramount importance
  • Get into various sectors like healthcare, finance, agriculture, or climate as an expert in data science, coding
  • Coding is fun! You could apply the skills learned for designing games, web pages, softwares and many more things!
  • Learning new skills is scientifically proven to enhance creativity. So what are you waiting for!

Benefits of learning with LearningPotato

  • Tremendously beneficial for kids aged 8-15 & everyone alike!
  • Live Online One to One Sessions
  • Flexible timings according to your schedule
  • Breadth & depth of the topics is covered depending on the prior knowledge & applications requirement of the student
  • Get equipped with values like Logic, Algorithms, & Creative Thinking