ICSE Class 10 Science

Getting Class 10 science home tuition is crucial since students are about to take Board eaminations in that subject. Students’ knowledge and understanding of fundamental ideas is tested in Class 10, a pivotal year because of the breadth and depth of the material covered. 


The time has come for students to put in all of their effort in preparation for the Board examinations. They are able to realize their goal of getting better grades and set themselves up for future success by enrolling in online home tutoring.


 ICSE Class 10 Science curriculum takes students on an exciting voyage of discovery throughout the three primary scientific disciplines. Students will graduate with a firm grasp of both the theoretical underpinnings of science and its practical applications thanks to this all-encompassing programme. 


Students in ICSE 10 Biology are introduced to the complex mechanisms of living organisms, human anatomy, and ecological systems, while in class 10 chemistry ICSE they dive into the realm of chemical reactions, atomic structures, and organic compounds. In addition, the laws of motion, electricity, and optics are discussed in detail in ICSE Physics 10, leading students to a more in-depth understanding of how the physical world works.


Environmental Science ICSE Class 10 expands the scope of what it means to study science in ICSE Class 10. This essential part of the curriculum encourages students to take care of their environment and brings attention to pressing ecological problems. This course develops environmentally aware people by discussing pressing issues and fostering sustainable solutions.


ICSE Class 10 Science in the International Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) offers students a comprehensive and in-depth scientific education that fosters analytical and problem-solving skills and motivates them to become responsible global citizens. Discovering the many dimensions of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science prepares students to appreciate scientific achievements and make positive contributions to society.

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LearningPotato for ICSE Class 10 Science

ICSE Class 10 Science curriculum covers a wide range of topics including ICSE 10 biology and class 10 chemistry ICSE. Teachers often feel pressured to cover a wide range of material in a short period of time. Therefore, many students are left befuddled in specific areas since they were too busy trying to cram everything in. Class 10 Science home tuition including class 10 chemistry icse and icse 10 biology is therefore essential for most students who want to master various ideas and do well on related tests.


Learning Potato offers online tutoring and home tutoring classes, which students can utilize according to their needs. When a student signs up for our home tuition, he or she can relax knowing that the online home tutor will provide them the undivided attention they need from the comfort of their own homes. At reasonable rates, our private tutors educate our students to the highest standards.


Class 10 Science is a crucial step in the educational voyage, as it reinforces the fundamental concepts necessary for success in competitive examinations and paves the way for further study. Class 10 Science will help students acquire momentum for the following year, and they will also be in ideal condition to perform well on the board exams. 


Our expert teachers help students learn concepts for every subject in the most efficient manner possible. Master Teachers who are specialists in their fields and who can aid students in passing their exams are available for all classes and are highly qualified and experienced. We will ensure that you are taught by the most qualified instructors to meet all of your academic requirements. 

Following are the benefits of choosing Learning Potato:
  • Our individual tutors tailor learning to each student’s potential.
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  • Our tutors excel in identifying student strengths and limitations. They are personable and a student would feel comfortable discussing complicated issues with their individual tutor.
  • Regular evaluations help tutors measure student learning. 
  • Under the home tutor’s direction, a student has ample time to enhance their abilities.