10th CBSE Mathematics

If you’re a high school student who’s having trouble grasping a difficult topic, consider signing up for private or group tutoring. Learning Potato can provide your child with a qualified high school math tutor, one-on-one home tuition, whether students need weekly sessions all year long or even in the middle of the year. 


Students must have a thorough understanding of all HSC mathematical concepts and premises to avoid future challenges and learning gaps. We provide affordable, results-oriented, and accessible math tutoring for all HSC students, wherever they may be: at home, in the library, or at school.


Students in the last year of the HSC Mathematics programme dive deeply into a wide range of complex mathematical subjects. In most cases, the curriculum covers a wide variety of subjects with the goal of improving pupils’ capacity for logic, analysis, and mathematics. Real-world applications, such as population growth modeling and physics, necessitate a deeper understanding of algebra, which is developed through introducing matrices, determinants, and differential equations.


Three-dimensional shapes, planes, and conics are just a few of the topics that can be explored in the intricate field of geometry. Calculating angles and distances in the actual world, essential in subjects like astronomy and navigation, is made possible by learning trigonometry and its extension, inverse trigonometric functions. There is a heavy emphasis on the calculus topics of limits, derivatives, and integrals. Having this foundation allows students to analyze rates of change and accumulation, which is crucial in many scientific and technical fields.


Learning how to analyze data and make predictions, skills essential for making educated decisions in a wide range of professions, is something taught in statistics and probability courses. Vectors and three-dimensional geometry give students the tools they need to analyze and resolve problems involving motion, acceleration, and other spatially-related phenomena. By introducing optimisation strategies for resource distribution, linear programming enters the picture. 


Other introductory topics that provide a solid grounding for further study in mathematics and related fields include functions, mathematical induction, and complex numbers. Throughout the course, students are prompted to question established assumptions, apply theoretical understanding to concrete situations, and develop an appreciation for the beauty and utility of mathematical ideas.

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Learning Potato for 12th HSC Mathematics

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