उतिष्ठत। जाग्रत। प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत।

Have you ever come across such a verse which seems interesting but you’re unable to understand it because it’s in Sanskrit? We all have, from time-to-time!
Sanskrit is an ancient language which has been called as the ‘Mother’ of many languages because their roots lie in Sanskrit, fascinating isn’t it? And unlike other ancient languages like Latin or Greek, it’s still highly relevant today.
To ensure we preserve this cultural heritage of ours, LearningPotato team has masterfully designed the ‘Basic Sanskrit’ course for learners!

Why should you learn Sanskrit?

  • Cultural Preservation- Learning Sanskrit ensures that this beautiful language, which is part of our rich history, does not die out
  • Understanding Verses- You would easily comprehend the shlokas from the ancient texts like The Bhagvad Gita, The Vedas
  • Academic Use- Students who have chosen Sanskrit as an optional language will find it highly beneficial
  • Becoming a Tutor- You could learn this language & start tutoring other students as well!
  • Bonus Benefit- Learning a new language leads to a more creative brain. So what are you waiting for?!

Who can learn this course?

  • Students who wish to score high in their Sanskrit exams
  • Individuals who themselves want to teach this language
  • Senior citizens who’d like to understand the ancient texts & their shlokas
  • Foreigners who wish to learn this beautiful Indian language
  • Basically anybody who has the urge to learn, age & profession no barrier
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What will be taught in the course?

  • In this course, students will learn how to read, write and pronounce Sanskrit (Devanagari) alphabets
  • Students will learn basic sentence formation, along with basic tenses, verbs, nouns and adjectives
  • The quizzes at the end of each section will sharpen your knowledge

Why learn with LearningPotato?

  • Live Online One to One Sessions
  • 25 customized sessions of 1 hour each
  • Flexible timings according to your schedule
  • Customisation in your curriculum according to your age group
  • A free demo class

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