12th HSC Biology

Biology for students in their final year of high school is an in-depth investigation into the principles that regulate all forms of life and the environments in which they exist. Typically, the curriculum provides pupils with a comprehensive understanding of the natural world and its intricate dynamics by delving deeply into a wide range of fascinating topics.


Students in cellular biology courses focus on studying cells at an extremely microscopic level in order to learn more about their structures, activities, and processes. DNA, RNA, and the mechanics of inheritance are uncovered by molecular genetics, illuminating the foundations of life’s diversity. Understanding how organisms work, keep themselves in check, and adjust to their surroundings is what physiology and homeostasis are all about.


Students of ecology and environmental science learn about the complex interactions between living things and their environments. Topics covered include biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability. They travel through time with evolutionary biology, learning about how different species have evolved and how all of life is intertwined in a vast web of relationships. Students who take 12th HSC Biology gain the tools they need to make well-informed decisions in a rapidly evolving world by gaining an appreciation for the intricate interplay between cells and ecosystems

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Learning Potato for 12th HSC Biology

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