What is the GMAT exam?

The Graduate Management Admission Test. This particular test is intended to understand certain writing, verbal, reading, and analytical skills in English. The same is reviewed by renowned business schools. The GMAT exam is an important assessment tool for both faculty and students. For faculty, the exam can help to identify potential candidates for admission to graduate programs. For students, it can help to identify their potential programs and schools that may be a good fit. Also, it helps students to assess their readiness for graduate-level coursework.

If you are willing to get admission to the business schools you are at the right place to have detailed information on the same. We are sure you will have an end number of different questions in order to crack this answer pot. Not to worry when LearningPotato is here! Keep reading in order to have a clear picture of what and how it works.

Q. Can anyone apply for the GMAT exam after the 12th?
A. The candidates must wait until they have an undergraduate degree to take the GMAT exam.

Q. What is the eligibility for the GMAT exam?
A. Any applicants who are above 18 years or above are eligible to appear for the GMAT exam.

Q. GMAT exams are designed for?
A. The GMAT exams are specifically designed for business school candidates.

Q. What is the score range to pass the GMAT?
A. The score range is a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 800

Q. What is the minimum barrier set to pass this exam?
A. The minimum barrier is 700 marks when any candidate is aiming to get the admission to MBA

Q. What is the GMAT fee?
A. Approximately 20,000 a candidate has to pay for the exam

Q. Is the GMAT test tough?
A. Yes it is a tough exam as the research says 0.2 million (2lakh) people opt for this exam out of which only 6% of students crack the exam. As the increasing competition sets a high bar which is important to open the success doors.

Q. Can you take the GMAT exam from home?
A. This exam is still the center-based exam, the candidate must appear for the exam at the allocated center.

Q. What kind of fee payment is done for the GMAT exam?
A. The candidate can make the exam fee payments through any credit card, debit card, VISA, Mastercard, Amax, & Discover Network Cards online.

Q. Does IIM accept the GMAT scores?
A. Yes, all the top MBA schools in India accept the GMAT scores

Q. Are there negative markings on GMAT?
A. There aren’t any negative marking concepts for the GMAT exam

Q. Are there any breaks allowed during the exam?
A. Yes, there is an option to have an eight-minute break given in between the exam

Q. Why learn GMAT through LearningPotato?
A. Our faculty at the GMAT is committed to providing the best possible education to their students. In addition to offering a variety of courses and programs, faculty also provide mentorship and guidance to students. As a result, the GMAT exam is an essential tool for both faculty and students. By offering a fair and standardized assessment, the GMAT exam provides faculty with an objective way to measure student progress and identify areas of need. In turn, this allows faculty to tailor their instruction to better meet the needs of their students.

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