The Dilemma of choosing NIOS for Kids

For the last 4 years, LearningPotato Education is providing tutor to students across many segments through channels like online tuitions and home tuitions. In these 4 years, many times we came across inquiries by parents for NIOS tutor.

Now, providing the tutor for NIOS is not really difficult and the syllabus is also not like something else than what regular education boards are like CBSE and ICSE.

The problem comes at the time of decision when parents need to decide whether they should opt for NIOS rather than regular schooling for their kids.

At this moment the questions like what is NIOS? How does it work? How do they conduct exams and how a kid can study by himself or herself arises?

Adding to the dilemma of parents, though many cities have centers for NIOS, they don’t provide assistance for admission. For all the information and admission to the NIOS, you need to rely on the website of NIOS https://www.nios.ac.in/default.aspx

Now, this might sound easy and transparent to just visit the website and to take the admission online. The problem with the NIOS website is, it is detailed but it still doesn’t answer to parents for the question of whether they should opt for NIOS or not?

So in short, the NIOS website and offices provide information and assist you if you have already made your decision to take the admission. But it will not be helpful to know why you should opt for it or how it is different from the other boards?

This blog should be able to answer all the practical queries of parents. It will guide you on whether to choose a different board or open schooling for your kid.

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