National Institute of Open Schooling

NIOS is a government-owned organization with the primary objective to increase literacy across all segments of society. It strives to encourage flexible learning opportunities in India. NIOS provides a number of Vocational, life enrichment and community-based courses at the secondary and higher secondary levels. It also offers Elementary level Courses through its Open Basic Education Programmes (OBE). With about 3,50,000 students enrolled with the NIOS, it is the largest open schooling institution in the world. NIOS has a similar scope and agenda to ICSE and CBSE boards.

Learning in times of Covid-19

We’re all aware of the changing learning pattern in the last year. The effect of Covid-19 has hit different children in various ways. Some are still not able to cope with online learning and prefer the one-to-one presence of teachers. While some are more comfortable and have shown growth in Online learning. This is where LearningPotato intends to make a change. Either choose NIOS Online classes or home tutor for NIOS or NIOS private tuition, we specialize in both categories. The only difference is the way knowledge is being delivered to the student.

NIOS Course Overview

  • Open Basic Education Programme (OBE)
    1. A Level course – Equivalent to Class 3
    2. B Level course – Equivalent to Class 5
    3. C Level course – Equivalent to Class 8
  • Secondary Course – Equivalent to Class 10 – also called as NIOS 10th
  • NIOS Senior Secondary Course – Equivalent to Class 12
  • Vocational Course
  • Life Enrichment Course

Why Should a Student opt for NIOS classes?

NIOS is a flexible and unique system of education where students can pursue different levels of education according to their needs and wills. Students who are willing to write competitive exams like IIT, JEE, AIEEE, and PMT can also opt for NIOS after completing their 10th board classes. This system helps students to prepare for other exams properly.

NIOS Examination Highlights

NIOS conducts public exams twice a year but students opting to study a particular subject can opt for on-demand examinations. Examinations are held for Secondary and senior secondary levels.

  • Exam Frequency – Biannual
  • Exam Duration – 3 hours
  • Mode of Examination – Offline

Benefits of One to One Home Tuition for LearningPotato

  • A mentor who not only teaches the regular course content but also involves the students with respect to guiding them for further career options.
  • Our experienced faculties have been providing one-to-one counseling sessions to students and parents with their own long-term industry experience.
  • Boost a student’s confidence and interest in learning.

Benefits of One-to-One Online Teaching with LearningPotato

  • One-to-one interaction between student and teacher.
  • Doubt clearing sessions are more personalized.
  • Students can learn at his/her convenience at home
  • High interactive video sessions
  • Learning Mathematics & science by visualization

Benefits of Choosing NIOS Board

  • NIOS does not require a student to go to the institute everyday to attend the classes.
  • NIOS lets students choose Vocational courses alongside academic courses. Vocational courses are job-specific and help students gain practical knowledge of the field.
  • The free structure of NIOS is low as compared to CBSE.
  • A student can choose both Science and Commerce as their subjects.
  • NIOS conducts an On-Demand Examination (ODE), which helps the students to take up the examination as per their will and amount of preparation.
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