How to Study for Boards: Avoid these Common Mistakes in Class 10

The board exam is an important milestone in every student’s life. Achieving a good result not only boosts confidence but also makes one eligible for scholarships and other benefits. However, some students are under pressure to perform well because they want to excel academically. This can lead them to take shortcuts or spend less time on revision which may have negative consequences later on in their academic career.

Achieving good grades at Class 10 board exams can be difficult with so many distractions around us these days – social media, TV shows, etcetera. But it is possible if we stay focused and work hard enough towards our goal of achieving high marks with online classes for class 10!

Avoid these Common Mistakes in class 10 board exams:

If you are preparing for your 10th board exams then this is the right time to get into action. And if you want to score better than 90% or more on your results, try avoiding these common mistakes. We have mentioned them below:

So let’s take a look at these mistakes one by one along with tips on how to avoid them.

  1. Not Planning: A student who wants to improve their grades must prepare a plan of action before starting off with his studies. It should contain dates regarding when he has to finish each chapter so that he doesn’t end up feeling overwhelmed or burdened while studying. He should prepare well in advance.
  2. Not giving equal importance to all subjects:  One common mistake that students make is overworking themselves in one particular subject and giving less importance to the others. This is a wrong approach as you need to give an equal amount of time to each subject so that they all become strong.
  3. Lack of confidence: A student who lacks confidence in himself gets easily discouraged while studying, which affects his performance. It’s important for him to be positive and confident about his strengths and abilities than getting deflated because of fear or negative thoughts.   Anybody can succeed if he wants it badly enough.
  4. Undue stress or pressure: If a student puts undue stress on himself, mostly because of unattainable expectations, then it will only result in a wastage of time and energy rather than making efforts to score well in boards exams.
  5. Laziness or Procrastination: If a student is lazy, he will be tempted to leave his study at the eleventh hour. Procrastinators sometimes end up scoring badly in boards exams when they put of their studies until the last minute which leads to nervousness and fear for not having prepared well enough beforehand.
  6. Self-doubt: A student who does not have self-confidence will often give up too early in life because he doubts himself regarding his abilities to succeed in any endeavor. It’s important that we do not indulge in such thoughts but instead keep a positive attitude towards learning new things while also aiming high without putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves .
  7. Negative friends/peers: Sometimes students get influenced by destructive peer groups. If you have a  group of friends who are always making fun of others, who are constantly afraid and feel that everything is going wrong for them – it can affect your mindset and eventually lead to low self-esteem.
  8. Lack of motivation: If you are lacking in motivation, then it doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself into becoming the most hardworking student in the class. You can always study smartly and know the reasons for your slow progress or laziness. When you know the reason behind every behavior, it becomes easier to understand how to tackle any problem. But how do you identify there’s a lack of motivation? Students are demotivated and don’t feel like studying, they see little value addition from the course content, and many other reasons can be there. To resolve this, we suggest taking some time off studies and meeting friends, watching movies, talking to your parents and going on a small trip.
  9. Not knowing your target: Set goals before starting anything new and try to stick with them since an unfinished job is not only worthless but also a waste of time. Make sure what kind of career you want as your aim because if you don’t know your real goal, then you’ll be running after vague desires that will never satisfy your purpose.

This is just a sample of the many mistakes students make while studying for boards. If you want to avoid any of these common pitfalls, check out our Learning Potato blog! We have tons more helpful articles on how to study and prepare as well as tips tailored specifically for each board exam. Visit us today at www.learningpotato.com to access online classes for class 10 for all your school needs.

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