Example: B.Com-Accounting and Economics

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    Benefits of Being a Tutor With LearningPotato

    • No commission is charged from the tutors
    • Easy, 3-step Registration process
    • Certificate of Professional Teaching is provided, thus strengthening tutor’s resume
    • Timely payment without any hassle
    • Part-time teaching opportunity for everyone, thus ensuring an additional income stream
    • Flexible working hours for the tutor, enabling him/her to take up an assignment at his/her will
    • Coaching for numerous subjects, streams, courses is provided. Thus, variety of tutors from different backgrounds can apply & become a part
    • Simplicity of teaching one-to-one. No need to manage a classful of students Training is provided to first-time tutors, ensuring the upskilling of the tutor

    To put it in a nutshell, LearningPotato is a great platform for tutors, bringing them the flexibility to work according to their terms, with worthy clients, thus upskilling them & generating income for themselves, & value for the client!

    New Tutor Guide

    1. Fill the tutor form. A LearningPotato executive will call you & schedule a telephonic or an in-person interview
    2. If selected after an interview, you need to upload the required documents for verification
    3. It is mandatory for the selected tutor to save the LearningPotato Whatsapp contact (9834743016). As we post the tutor requirements in a broadcast group, not saving the contact will prevent you from receiving tutor-enquiry messages.
    4. You start receiving messages for tutor-enquiry from across Pune on this group, with the specific details of the student
    5. Interested applicants can respond to the enquiry if they find it suitable & are available for a demo lecture in the next 2 days. Both these conditions need to be satisfied, if not, ignore the enquiry.
    6. Details like Number of days/week, Number of hours/Session, Payment/month for the concerned student are provided to the interested candidate. If you agree to these details, arrangement is made for the demo lecture
    7. If approved, details like the time & day of commencement of the assignment will be conveyed to you.
    8. A Memorandum of Understanding MoU) is signed between the institute & the tutor as a proof for work assignment, & is sent via mail.


    The in-depth procedure regarding tests, assessment, & tutor payment will be shared with the assigned tutors.