Hindi Classes in Hyderabad

Hindi is an ancient Indian language that is a huge part of India’s culture. LearningPotato is proudly associated with teachers who have gained expertise in Hindi language and have been teaching and passing their knowledge to students. We have school curriculums wherein it is compulsory for students to learn hindi and understand it better. This ancient Indian language has proven to be of use to us time and time again. There is a lot to uncover when it comes to the Hindi language and its benefits. A Lot of people are interested in learning and speaking Hindi in hyderabad because of its popularity.
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Learning in times of Covid-19

We’re all aware of the changing learning pattern in the last one year. Effect of Covid-19 has hit different children in various ways. Some are still not able to cope with online learning and prefer one to one presence of teachers. While some are more comfortable and have shown growth in Online learning. This is where LearningPotato intends to make a change.

Benefits of One to One Home Tuition for Hindi classes in Hyderabad with LearningPotato

  • A mentor who not teaches the regular course content but also involves the students with respect to guiding for further career options
  • Our experienced faculties have been providing one to one counselling sessions to students and parents with their own long term industry experience
  • Boost a student’s confidence and interest in learning.

Benefits of One to One Hindi classes in Hyderabad with LearningPotato

  • One to one interaction between student and teacher
  • Doubt clearing sessions are more personalised
  • Students can learn at his/her convenience at home
  • High interactive video sessions

Benefits of attending Hindi classes in Hyderabad from LearningPotato

Know the Benefits of attending Hindi classes in Hyderabad:

  1. Strong Foundation: Hindi being one of the official languages in india, should be learnt by kids from the beginning. To build a strong foundation, knowledge should be imparted in the language that the kid understands.
  2. Human Connection: Language is a vital part of human connection. Language allows us kids to share our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with others. Learning hindi increases cognitive behaviour of kids and helps them build better connections with society.
  3. New Education Policy: The new education policy supports teaching students in their regional language. The policy suggests that the medium of instruction until at least Grade 5, but preferably till Grade 8 and beyond, will be the mother-tongue.